Working Together To Make Housing More Affordable

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Let’s Work Together to Make Housing More Affordable!

The question is simple: do we work together to address Silicon Valley’s high cost of housing or do we continue to price our children out of our Valley?

Residents, housing experts, and community activists urge that we all work together. That’s why we were so encouraged to see Santa Clara City Councilmembers Anthony Becker and Sudhansu “Suds” Jain stand with San Jose City Mayor Sam Liccardo recently, to commit to bringing the cities of Santa Clara and San Jose together to allow home builders to construct the housing we need in San Jose without the new traffic we don’t want. And that’s why I hope you will join our growing coalition to work together to solve our common challenges of affordable housing and transportation.


For over a decade Santa Clara and San Jose have been locked in legal battles over building new housing in North San Jose, where threats of litigation have prevented any housing from getting built in more than a half-decade.
Even during the COVID-19 emergency, the cost of housing continues to skyrocket, pricing more and more families out of our communities. New homes—built near San Jose’s light rail and BART transit stations—will help relieve this upward price pressure and make room for our kids, grandkids and hardworking neighbors, including frontline workers like teachers, nurses and firefighters. The thousands of middle-class construction jobs will also help us recover from this deep economic recession. And fees and tax revenue generated from this new housing will help pay for new road and transit improvements that will benefit our whole region.

Our common ambitions for a robust recovery from COVID-19 compel us to work together for a better shared future for Santa Clara, San Jose, and all of Silicon Valley. That means that we should stop suing each other, and start working together. Please show your support by joining our growing group of neighbors who agree — it is time to work together so we can build new transit-oriented housing in San Jose.


Here is one of the many news reports on the efforts to work together if you would like more info on this important topic. You can see it here.

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