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Solutions San Jose is a community organization dedicated to bringing people together in support of proven ways to address problems like homelessness, the high-cost of housing, re-opening our schools, rebuilding our economy and other pressing concerns.

Our focus is common-sense solutions for San Jose – and we want to start by asking what you think is the best way to start solving our city’s challenges. From a lack of affordable housing to local government collaboration—we want to hear your thoughts on existing solutions to our problems and any new ideas you might have.

To change San Jose for the better, we must start listening to each other. So we are asking what you think – is there a solution you would like to see implemented here in San Jose?

We are in the early stages of organizing our Solutions community – but already we have united nearly 3,700 San Jose residents in support of re-opening our public schools safely and just this past week we saw our city council respond to our community and agree that it was a good idea for politicians to adopt reasonable time limits on their own speechifying so that we had more time to hear from the community at large.

In the weeks ahead we will be convening experts and community leaders to address other important issues – such as creating more affordable housing, a better approach to ending homelessness, economic recovery that improves every community and other vital issues.

Our city is being challenged. But there is one thing we know about San Jose – there is nothing we can’t accomplish when we unite for common-sense solutions.

Will you share your solutions? If you’ve ever thought – “I’ve got a better idea” this is a good time to share it with us!

Please stay in touch by joining us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. We will be sharing many of the good ideas we receive and the latest news and updates regularly via social media. If you would like to join us as a member – you can sign up here.

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