Read our new Op-Ed: We can open our schools and and keep our teachers safe

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“Science hasn’t guided school re-opening decisions, unfortunately; politics has. Politics opened bars, card clubs and marijuana dispensaries over the past year while closing our schools and stranding our students — with children from our poorest families suffering most severely.”

Our campaign to re-open schools quickly and safely is outlined in a new opinion piece in The Mercury News urging us to follow the science and re-open our schools.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read the full piece, which urges targeted vaccinations of teachers and staff of those elementary schools committed to opening their classrooms, prioritizing students from our least affluent families.

Although various proposals have emerged from Sacramento, none actually dictate when or whether children can return to the classroom.

Rather than wait for the State to act, Bay Area school districts and County public health authorities can accelerate school openings by working together. If you agree with our conclusions, spread the word by sharing this piece on social media. Every day that school closures continue, more of our children suffer from a “separate but unequal” system of remote learning.

The top medical experts in the country — Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Wollensky, and the California Department of Public Health — have concluded that we can safely re-open our elementary schools with safety precautions.

In the debate over school re-openings, we hear only the voices of adults. Our struggling children should not forgive us if we fail to hear theirs.

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