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Uniting For Solutions

Our city has had enough shouting – it is time for solutions.

Recovering from Covid-19, addressing homelessness, and making San Jose affordable, safe and equitable demands thoughtful solutions and a year-round community organization that can explore, shape and help implement bold new policy.

It is time to talk with each other, listen to each other and promote a process of respectful engagement on how to move forward – together.

To change San Jose for the better, we must change how we are engaging each other around better public policy. That’s why we are launching Solutions San Jose, designed to be an ongoing forum for respectful policy discussions and a catalyst for action on comprehensive solutions to the challenges facing San Jose.

We won’t shout – we will listen.

We are not looking to score political points, we are looking for real progress. We are not organizing to protest each other, but to work together.

We are in the early stages of organizing our Solutions community – but already we have united more than 3,500 San Jose residents in support of re-opening our public schools safely and quickly in order to address the growing learning gap that is leaving too many children behind.

In the weeks and days ahead we will be convening experts and community leaders to address other important issues – such as creating more affordable housing, a better approach to ending homelessness, economic recovery that improves every community and other vital issues. Stay in touch with our efforts by signing up for our email alerts today.

Our city is being challenged. But there is one thing we know about San Jose – there is nothing we can’t accomplish when we unite for common-sense solutions.

We Want to Hear From You

Do you have ideas on how to solve some of the toughest challenges facing our community? We would love to hear them. Take our survey and make your voice heard!